A digital version of the wildly popular analog Bullet Journal by Ryder Carroll. Built on React Native, Bullets allows you to keep track of your Tasks, Events, and Notes with your iOS device even when you can't carry your paper journal.

At its core, the most important function I needed Bullets to be able to handle was automatic migration of incomplete tasks. That is, if a task didn't get done yesterday, it needed to auto-populate to today's list. Notes and Events, however, needed to stay put. Being unfamiliar with React Native, this was a fun challenge to not only learn the framework in a very brief period of time, but also create something viable and usable today, while leaving myself enough of a scaffold to continue development in the future.

In addition to RN, this project also used a couple of different React Native APIs—NativeBase and React Navigation, specifically—and Google's powerful Firebase backend, which provides a scalable, JSON-like database that can handle as few or as many users as the application may need.